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Join the forum to gain access to the Sneak Peek section with excerpts of my upcoming works. Also, people who post 10, 30, 50, and 100 times get free stories. These stories are only available to those that post on the forum! Join Now!

Fictionpress Visitors

The above information is for you! Feral Hearts, A Few More Days, Undermoon, and Essence of Oleander are on the FORUM! You have to post to read them.

Welcome to my website.

To navigate my site use any of the links to the right of your screen or at the top of the webpage. Some of my works have their own website to help with clutter and to give more information about the novel. If at anytime you have trouble with my website, please contact me via email or the forum. I will try to fix the problem.

My novels are free but I do accept donations. Some of my works can be editted by the public in the forum. If you wish to help me out, please feel free. I offer a wide variety of genres and activities on my website. I always welcome comments on my works, which is why I offer blog comment areas as well as the forum.

Please note that most of my novels are in the first rough draft stage. They will not be perfect as in free of grammar errors and I may still need to work through the plot. Some of my novels are not complete. I place novels up as I work on them to get a feel for what my readers think of how the story is going. Again, I welcome comments on my in progress works on my forum. Some readers even enjoy guessing/chatting with eachother about what may happen next.

Do not at any time distribute my works without written permission from me, the author. I will ensure that any violation of my copyrighted material will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Enjoy your stay here and please leave a note when you are finished.


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