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Remember SO is on hold right now until Cerulean Harbor, Essence of Oleander, and Undermoon are completed.

About CMS:

CMS is a world where humans, vampires (kine), and werewolves (pack) co-exist. They do war with eachother, but for the most part share the world as a civilized society.
This is a mystery, paranormal, and romance plotline for all the books in the series. While it has some heavy paranormal and mystery portions, this is in fact a romance series.

Book One: Broken Toy
A prominent vampire has been murdered. The suspects include humans, werewolves, and other vampires. Thus forcing an investigating team of all three species to come together. Trent has been in Paranormal Investigations for ten years, and recently got a new partner named Isaac a little less then a year ago. The two have become close in such a short time, but neither of them expected the vampire investigator to be a female… or a born vampire. Samara and Coyle are a brother and sister werewolf pair assigned to the case, they despise vampires as all of their kind do. The case gets emotional when both Samara and Corliss, the vampire investigator, set their sights on Trent. One with pure intentions, and the other with an agenda… too bad that Trent hates both breeds.

Book Two: Stray Obsessions
Samara and Coyle, the packies from Broken Toy, continue their journey. They must join together with a private investigator to unlock the secrets of the inner workers of their own packs. The truth is something that will shake their belief in their own species to the core. One problem: They and their PI are in heat.