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RKP Hunt's Speculative Fiction
Final Chapters PDF Print E-mail
Written by RHunt   
Thursday, 05 March 2015 10:49
Hello everyone!

I am in the final chapters of Apisarn University even though I have not been posting that often. I have been writing a great deal behind the scenes.

In fact, I hope to finish the story and release the ending in large portions throughout the weeks after I am done.

The forum and reviews have been very quiet, so if you are reading the story please be encouraging by leaving a post on the forum. It can be a review or a chat in a thread.

Thank you.
RKP Hunt
Still Here and Still Writing PDF Print E-mail
Written by RHunt   
Friday, 30 January 2015 11:47
Hi everyone!

I know I have not been posting my story on the forum, but that has changed. I have been working on it, as my poor, lone editor can attest. I am very close to the ending. I realized that I have been working on this novel for 3 years now, and I hope that it comes to it conclusion before May.

So, please head over to the forum and start reading Apisarn University and leave input on the story itself. You may also find it on Fictionpress.

RKP Hunt
Apisarn University and Public Access PDF Print E-mail
Written by RHunt   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 10:49
Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on the last quarter of Apisarn University. After all this time, we are going to get into the real grit of the story after building relationships. Please join me in the forum for weekly updates.

Finally, I have removed Members Only reading. You can now read my novels without an account. It seemed to confuse a great deal of people, though it was there for security reasons. However, I would prefer people actually reading the stories.

The forum is feeling a bit empty so please drop on by and have a chat. Make suggestions about the website, talk about the novels, and just have a good time.

Thank you,
RKP Hunt


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