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Lies in the Blood: Inception - Prologue PDF Print E-mail
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Written by RKP Hunt   
It was in the beginning of the human race that gave birth to all that has occurred. They were the reason the evil was born, and the reason another evil was given life to protect them. For reasons unknown, the Higher Being breathed life into these creatures, who crawled from the belly of the ocean onto the fresh dry lands. In time they evolved from instinct based creatures into those with abstract thoughts. But this creation didn’t go unnoticed, the Ultimate Evil watched patiently as his adversary did what he could not. He was unable to touch the pure beings until they brought evil upon themselves, which didn’t take long.

With evil now tainting the hearts of the Higher Being’s creations, the Ultimate Evil brought forth the body of a dead human. Sending the shivers of a deathless life into its rotting corpse, he created a new breed for the world to contain. A breed whose purpose was solely to destroy the Higher Being’s creation. Taking the blood of the mortals to feed it’s undying thirst, the humans were haunted for generations. Until the Higher Being allowed the birth of a special being, one who could sense out these creatures. And in all hopes destroy them, a hunter of evil. This human, who is long forgotten except here, discovered the creature’s weaknesses, finding they were afraid of garlic and high sun. However it was too late, the creature had already begun making kin.

The man came to realize that items that had been blessed by the Higher Being through devoted prayer could be used to keep the creatures away. The same tactic was used on land, and was found to be even more powerful than the artifacts. Yet, keeping them away was not enough, they had to be destroyed. Before his death, after many years of searching for their true weakness, he found that all that needed to be done was to remove their innards by slashing their stomachs. These creatures were destined to be called the Bowery.

Soon the Ultimate Evil realized his creatures were no longer powerful enough, and he turned his back on them to create anew. Knowing now that the humans could evolve to the evils that arose, he took a new body and forced the evil life into it. A stronger life with more of his power. The humans discovered this creature still feared the holy artifacts, but if needed it could simply overcome the feeling to escape, not become immobilized like the Bowery. It was able to walk upon the holy land with only slight discomfort, and hear far in each direction with the ability to control the range.

This new creature could move faster then any human could see, and could even walk in full daylight with a great deal of pain. The Pyrrhonians, as the humans began to call them, didn’t have to hide from the sun until noon and could come out earlier, because of this, there were many more deaths. But in turn there were many more rebirths as they were sloppy in their kills, not completely killing off their prey. Their population grew rapidly, threatening the very existence of human life. Their weakness had been found, one merely had to destroy their heart in order to kill them. Humans, however, were far too slow to destroy them and began to understand that the end was near.

The Higher Being was not going to let the creatures destroy what it made, but was helpless in fighting against them, as it couldn’t harm a living creature. Therefore, with much reluctance the Higher Being created his own creature. One able to walk on holy land, look at artifacts, and even drink the holy water if it so desired. He gave it the ability to change into a wolf. He allowed them to read thoughts in order to find evil, the opposite of the Pyrrhonians, who could force thoughts into a being’s mind.

Still, this was not enough to fight the Ultimate Evil’s creations, and so he added enhanced strength making them stronger then any human or vampire combined. A creature who could bask in the Higher Being’s sun all day, and then hunt throughout the night with ease. It could levitate itself and at first could even talk to the Higher Being.

His new creation was given the name of Eva, she was not born of the human race. Instead she had been created from nothing, without emotion. The moment of her existence she began to destroy the population of the Ultimate Evil’s creatures. They gave no resistance, as they were surprised to stumble upon a creature who could match them. And so the vampire population decreased, and the humans were once again safe from the powers of evil. As the decades passed they cheered their Higher Being’s creation. This Hallowed one.

The Ultimate Evil knew he couldn’t create anything to match the creature, and instead tried to find a weakness. After many centuries, he discovered a simple metal that seemed to weaken the Hallowed, and even burn her skin. He tricked her into eating it, in hope that she would perish, however her life remained. Instead, it took something far greater from her, the ability to speak with the Higher Being. In turn, it took her faith, and in desperate loneliness she began creating kin, Hallowed just like her. It was of no use, the Hallowed felt a tortured strain in their hearts standing near another of their kind. Something that could be willed away, but would take immense amounts of concentration.

Eva turned to a Pyrrhonian, that she had spared many centuries before, named Adon. He was the first of his kind, still faithful to the Ultimate Evil. It is unknown if she did it out of protection for the humans or from the loneliness of her heart, but she attempted to make him see the evils of his leader. It took many centuries of hounding the Pyrrhonian, but he did eventually see the truth.

They began roaming the lands, preaching to any of the creatures that needed human blood to survive, creatures that were now being called vampires. Eventually, the Ultimate Evil’s creations turned on him, not for the Higher Being, but for themselves. Forgetting his existence, and who had been their creator.

Most of the Pyrrhonians believed still in the Higher Being, but did not worship him. While the Bowery became atheists, and did as they pleased. The Hallowed Beings could not make such a decision, as Eva’s memories of her creation, of her loss, were burned into their minds. As each vampire created another, their memories, life, emotions, and death were stored into their peon. They had no choice but to believe in the Higher Being, as they had the memories of his existence.

The humans did much like the Bowery, as the population of vampires began to vanish from their eyes, they soon forgot about their Higher Being. A new god was created, a more powerful, friendlier god, with a better way of life. Though the Hallowed didn’t want to be the only ones to remember, they allowed the humans to find their own paths. Let them forget the horrific history they had once lived, allowing the vampires to hide in the shadows.

Eva vowed to protect the humans from all sets of evil, until the Higher Being again called to her, be that in death or in life. She promised that it would be the directive of every Hallowed ever created.

The Ultimate Evil did not vanish from the world, he too like the Higher Being and the vampires vanished from the humans’ eyes. However, he swore that someday he would create the most evil of vampires. That this vampire would destroy the world, he foretold that from what is good will come evil.

Excerpt from the Elders Holy Book


She was born Caitlyn Lyndale, in 1776, the eldest child of a squire. Even as an infant she seemed unhappy, smiles were a rare commodity for the young babe. As she aged, she remained detached, distant to even those she loved the most. Except for one person, her sister, who spent all her time talking to her, walking with her, and getting to know her. The truth was no one knew why she felt such discontent, her father gave her anything she desired. Her mother treated her like she was the queen, but happiness seemed so far out of reach.

The day came on her sixteenth birthday that she was wed off to a duke, Nathaniel Bramwell. A man that had loved her even as a child, becoming her brother’s friend just so he could be close to her. When he was only twelve years old, he had asked Lord Lyndale for her hand in marriage. He had looked strangely on the young boy who was asking for his eight year old daughter’s hand, but did accept the offer. He had to, it was so rare that one could marry up in the world, Nathaniel was going to become a duke.

They had always been friends, but on the day of their wedding, she changed. Becoming even more distant from the world, even from her sister. Most of her days were spent locked away in the library, rejecting any food or water the servants offered. Ignoring her husband's pleas, and forbidding her sister and friends onto the property. Her once rare smiles, were now only a shadow of a memory in her life.

Nathaniel blamed himself, thinking she didn’t love him, and hated himself for wedding her. He cursed himself with every rejection for forcing her into the marriage, and even contemplated ways to save her from it. There was nothing he could do, and so he tried everyday to make her happy, but nothing worked.

The truth was she loved him very much, and had always wanted to tell him. Yet, something unknown hovered over her, grasping at her very heart. All the emotion she had seemed so contained, not allowing itself to leave her form. Caitlyn couldn’t say, and sometimes thought she couldn’t feel, what she wanted. She had come to hate herself and wanted everyone to hate her as well.

Pain only deepened when she lost a child within her womb, and even when Nathaniel tried to tell her it wasn’t her fault, she pushed him away. She hated herself, her life, but most of all, she hated that she had lived her entire life with such emptiness. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to be able to feel everything she wanted, and to be able to express it properly.

It was the day of her twenty-third birthday that she received news that her sister had gone missing. She had been wed to a cruel earl, and most thought he had murdered her. As the days passed, Caitlyn contemplated returning the favor to her husband. It was on the second week of her disappearance when she was on her way to meeting with the assassin, that a small disfigured man approached her. In his hand was a short note, that said only "Come to Lord Zdenek’s manor to save your sister’s life, tell no one."

Without a moments thought, she raced to the strange man’s home. She knew his name, as he had parties, inviting her and her husband many times to them. When she arrived the disfigured man met her at the door, and brought her to the study. In the center of the room laid her sister, who was bound with rope. And there he stood behind her, dark cloak and dark gray hair, his skin a pale color. He glared at her for what seemed to be an eternity, and then he only grinned.

"Untie her, if you wish. But know that when you do, you will be replacing her life with your own." His said, his voice a low hiss.

Caitlyn walked to her sister without fear of the repercussions, and released her sister from her bonds. Zdenek ordered her to leave, and in a cool voice told her to forget the memories of the past two weeks. Her sister only nodded, giving a blank stare as the disfigured man walked her to the door, shutting the library door behind them.

She stood in the center of the dark room without fear, staring in the man’s eyes. He seemed rather pleased with the bravery she showed, and became more excited when he approached and she did not shiver. Gently he rubbed her cheeks with the back of his knuckles, coming to stand behind her.

"You were meant to have something." He whispered into her ear, and then kissed her neck.

A grin played on his lips, when he felt her stiffen, but it only lasted long enough for his fangs to show. So that she wouldn’t escape, he quickly wrapped his arms around her chest and waist, then sunk his teeth into her neck. Caitlyn let out a cry, then fell silent as he began to drain her blood. She felt it, life being pulled away from her, but in the moments she felt something else. A rush of emotions that she had never before been able to express.

When he let her go, she fell to the ground, unable to move. Zdenek kneeled down beside her, a stream of blood running down his chin. He bit his wrist and offered it to her mouth, slowly the blood dripped down over her lips. She couldn’t help but swallow, and when enough strength had entered her, she reached up and bit into his arm.

Yanking his arm away, he looked down on her and she up at him. It was then she felt it, a pain so severe that she couldn’t even cry out. Her body stopped breathing, and she tried to force herself to breath again, she felt as if she was choking. In those moments, she heard her heart stop, and she tried to turn over onto her stomach, to somehow save herself.

"Just let it go, Caitlyn. Don’t fight it, that only makes it hurt more."

But she refused to let it go, and through Zdenek’s pleas, she fought on. Most would have died and become a vampire in a matter of minutes, but she continued the fight for nearly three hours. It was then, she died. A death that would never truly let her go, forcing her body and mind to carry on in the world. When it was finally over Zdenek’s let go of his worried stare, and gave a grin.

"You are quite the fighter, Lady Bramwell. That is what you will need to be when the times are upon you."

With those words, she lost touch with reality, and when she awoke, it was in her own bed. No one remembered that her sister had been missing, and no one had even heard of Lord Zdenek. Caitlyn knew what he had done, but more importantly she knew she had changed. No longer wanting to eat food, she fed the blood of the sheep and other livestock around the city. It wasn’t enough, leaving her weak, and thinning. She didn’t understand what she had become.

The thoughts of feeding on the blood of so many that she loved entered her mind, and in fear of the monster she was becoming she ran away to America.


Arriving in Boston, she met the women of the brothel almost immediately. They knew right away what she was, and begged her to live with them. She learned much from these women, who she found were Pyrrhonian vampires. Finding that she was a vampire now called a Hallowed, and that she could only feed from the blood of those with evil intentions. They wanted her to remain with them, as protection against the Bowery. The Bowery at the time were the most evil of vampires, hunting the Pyrrhonians and killing humans. Normally a Pyrrhonian against a Bowery, would be no match, but the Bowery hunted and lived in large packs. Caitlyn could dispose of them easily, or at least her presence frightened most of them away.

The women told her that she must change her name now that she was a vampire, and in an attempt to keep her own name, she chose the name Kailin. And so it was that for the next two years she lived with these women in peace and happiness. The happiness did not remain, as she soon got word of her sister’s sickness. She rushed back to England to find her sister on her death bed, her body a mere shell of what she use to be. Kailin discovered much more, she found that only a week before her return to England that her loving husband had hung himself. His note read that he could not be without her.

She mourned the loss of her husband, as she sat watching her sister die. The only two people she had ever truly loved died or dying. On the third night of her late watch, he came in the dark. A bowery that had been feeding from her sister, and now Kailin understood what was happening to her. She was being turned into a foul Bowery. In intense anger she fought and killed the bowery.

Yet, when it was over, she realized she had doomed her sister to death. In fear of losing her too, she did what no fresh vampire should do, she turned her. But this was no ordinary turn, her sister was already two thirds into a bowery change, and with the introduction of hallowed blood, it changed the very breed of her sister’s death.

Forcing her to become a vampire without heart or conscious, a vampire that couldn’t hide her fangs and had to run from the high sun. One of immense strength, and even greater evil. This creature, what was later called Mephistopheleans, the cruelest vampires the world had ever known.

After several decades of trying to help her sister by taking her to America to learn from the Pyrrhonians, they thought they had begun making progress. When her sister killed nearly two hundred people in the length of a month. Kailin was forced to take her sister’s life, and buried her under a tree they spent many of their nights. She often wonder how from something so pure and good could evil come from its depths.

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