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Written by RKP Hunt   

*From Novel*
Arywan, a world of mystery and intrigue. Ruled by gods that control every aspect of mortal life, from health to peace to even death. Controlling the world of the mortals for their own power and the war they fight against each other in the heavens. Prophecies put into place by the goddess of fate, there to make sure the world continued down it’s path.

Arywan is both the world and the land that the novel takes place in. There are other lands in the world, which may be later written about. Arywan is rich with culture, history, and people. There are many creatures and life forms that call this world home.  


  • World Map
  • Arywan Map
  • Cities:

    Moonglow: *From Novel*
    Moonglow was a small town, it had actually been placed as an outpost for merchants to rest from long journeys before making their way to Githeth. The city housed at most three hundred people, and everyone knew each other and their life stories. It had become more of town then an outpost when the Placidia temple moved in, after several other temples denied the invitation. It was considered bad luck to not have at least one temple in any outpost or city, the more people the more temples there should be. When the temple was finally complete, people who worshipped the goddess began bringing their families to it.
    The temple was a spectacular place, though... it had been said that... the main temple out shined it’s beauty. Most were content however to visit the Moonglow temple, and those that lived in the forest around it found comfort in it’s existence.

    Githeth: *From Novel*
    Githeth had originally been a manor for a rich noble’s daughter, she refused to marry any man. The suitors that attempted to try to win her hand, would leave in a huff, swearing her name and the name of her family. So her father growing tired of her antics had a house built for her in the middle of the forest far away, sending her and all the servants she would need away to hide her there. The daughter turned out to be a leader in her own right, and soon starting a small fishing business out of the river. She also called in farmers to begin producing food for the people. It had been nearly two hundred years since the city first began, and it was now the largest city in the west.

    Arbenish Woods: *From Novel*
    The Arbenish Woods were a place of mystery and danger. Many travelers had their journeys force them to enter. It was strange as it was only at most a two day walk, however some found the journey to be their end. As most that entered where never seen nor were their bodies ever found.
    The woods stretched across in front of them seeming to be of no end in any directions. There was a darkness about the entire forest...
    The trees seemed to hang over, unwelcoming to anyone who wished to walk past them. A path broke through it’s center, that had been built several years ago to stop the loss of travelers, though it had lessen the likelihood of people disappearing, some still never left. Some speculated ghosts, others thought it to be humanoids such as ogres and goblins. Anyone who knew the truth would not be speaking now.

    Yodgonosh: *From Novel*
    Yodgonosh was a city of travel, anyone who left there own home would eventually end up looking upon the large statues of warriors that stood high on the gate of the city. Of course, the Arbenish Woods were also so close by, that it called adventurers of all sorts. It was the target of many attacks by orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins, and the list goes on.

    Morgonar: The main snow elf city that Eryalith is from. It's to the northern snowy lands, and is completely made of ice.

    Rundalfelt: *From Novel*
    1) Rundalfelt was a city known for it’s docks, it was attached to a great lake, that was connected by the Rundalfelt River that ran through both Githeth and Yodgonosh, among other cities. It had never been known to run strongly or overflow, and it was thought magical that it could travel from the ocean and across the land to the great lake, that was almost in the center of the land.

    2) Rundalfelt was spread out next to the lake, and blocked in by it’s great walls. Around the area were farms, as Rundalfelt supplied several of its surrounding cities with food, year round. If the city wasn’t properly running then not only did those that lived in the city suffer, but those that relied on it as well. Ariane knew there was more at stake then just the peasants as she looked at the burning city from atop of the hill. Temples and homes were blazing and a large smoke cloud seemed to be suspended over the city. The armies had gathered around in camps far enough away to protect themselves from arrows. Catapults were being created on the sights, but if it was all possible they would prefer to leave the walls up.
    The walls were built by the city’s founder, Lord Rundal, who was believed to of made a deal with a demon for power. It was said that upon the day he was to pay the demon back, he felt that the demon would want much more then the souls of half the population of the city. He felt that his own time had drawn near, knowing that the deal couldn’t be fulfilled if he was dead, as the contract stated he would live until he was seventy. Rundal threw himself into the upset waves of the lake and drowned, after that day neither the river nor the lake had overflowed or become violent during a storm. He saved the city from the demon’s destruction, his feeling had proven accurate and the demon, which many prophets sensed lingering around the city, vanished.


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