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Crimson Moon: Broken Toy PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 51
Written by RKP Hunt   

CMS Category: Action, Paranormal, Romance, Mystery

Title: Crimson Moon Series: Broken Toy

Author: RKP Hunt

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A prominent vampire has been murdered. The suspects include humans, werewolves, and other vampires. Thus forcing an investigating team of all three species to come together. Trent has been in Paranormal Investigations for ten years, and recently got a new partner named Isaac a little less then a year ago. The two have become close in such a short time, but neither of them expected the vampire investigator to be a female… or a born vampire. Samara and Coyle are a brother and sister werewolf pair assigned to the case, they despise vampires as all of their kind do. The case gets emotional when both Samara and Corliss, the vampire investigator, set their sights on Trent. One with pure intentions, and the other with an agenda… too bad that Trent hates both breeds.

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Other Information:

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  • Species
  • Kine Clans
  • Pack and Human Groups
  • There may be errors in this story. If you leave a comment concerning errors, it will be deleted. I do have a team of editors who work on these things, and it is all a matter of me applying what they find. Understand that people complain about it to me often enough, I am not unaware of the issue. Thank you.

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    Add New Search  - CRIMSON MOON:BROKEN TOY   |2011-05-26 17:52:24
    manatee1220   |2011-05-11 10:32:56
    Excellent story line.... I always love a happy ending
    Yagnik   |2011-04-28 07:04:44
    awesome book
    boobear  - Crimson Moon: Broken Toy   |2011-02-02 03:00:36
    Fantastic!!!Suspenseful and Romantic,
    I read this in one sitting, couldn't put it down.
    Siobhon  - Another good story   |2010-09-22 08:56:50
    I read G&G first and enjoyed it so much that I read "Broken Toy" which I also enjoyed so I'm going to now read "Inception". Loved Trent by the way.

    You have a gift.
    boricua_cat   |2010-08-20 17:05:36

    When is the sequel coming out? I know you have held off on it. But don't you think is time for it now? I read this novel over and over. Never get tired of it.
    chuckler   |2010-08-14 05:35:20
    the book is just wonderful i can think of no other word to define it. its so different from other paranormal books so keep it up
    tyffany   |2010-08-05 21:55:56
    i loved this story it was so suspenseful but still romantic. what i didnt understand was why everyone fell in love with corliss?? i understood why trent did they just seemed ment to be but the others..i dont get it.she seemed like a nice person but there wasnt much about her personality, that made me understand that. over all it was an awesome story!
    RHunt   |SAdministrator |2010-08-06 13:35:57
    Thank you for your comments and for reading my novel. I thought I'd take the time to answer your question. Please remember that I have not dealt with this novel in a while, so my memory may have lost some of the details.

    One doesn't need a magical personality to get multiple people to fall in love with them. Just getting to know a person and spending time with them can form feelings. The reader comes into the story at a point when love has already blossomed for some of the characters. *Spoilers below*

    Let's look at the three vampires that are in love with Corliss, however. Adriel made her his toy to protect her and prevent war. He started sleeping with her which eventually led to feelings, especially after what 100+ years together.

    Marcellus and she had a relationship before she almost married Adriel's son. He had been in love with her from a previous relationship that was now forbidden.

    Kaleb is the only one that is really curious. Maybe he started to like her because they had spent time together that wasn't in the novel. Maybe he always admired her from afar just because he found her beautiful. Maybe he hated her for his brother's death but slowly that hate turned to love. There are many "maybes" out there.

    The reason the reader understands the love of Trent is because they get to see it form. The other people are from her past and their relationship is not the focal point of the story. I hope my answer helps in someway to answer your questions.
    magadz  - Crimson Moon: Broken Toy   |2010-07-22 08:33:55
    hey, i love the two parts... when you going to add here the next part for us to read??? we are so eager...
    Mrs Beers   |2010-07-21 07:45:27
    I enjoyed this very much. Kept my attention going the whole time. Kept me on the edge of my seat
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