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Children of Naaram Prologue PDF Print E-mail
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Written by RKP Hunt   

This story has been recently editted by some of the great folks on my forum. Thank you to Jaded, Hibye. Danylle Nights, babygal, Alexis, and anyone else that I missed for finding many of the errors in my novel. Of course, there are still some errors in this work of that I have no doubt, but hopefully it will be a much smoother read for everyone.

If you want to help edit any of my novels, visit my forum where there are editting rooms available for many of my works. I appreciate the help.

Arywan, a world of mystery and intrigue. Ruled by gods that control every aspect of mortal life, from health to peace to even death. Controlling the world of the mortals for their own power and the war they fight against each other in the heavens. Prophecies put into place by the goddess of fate, there to make sure the world continued down it's path.

Soon the evil gods were no longer satisfied with just asking and wishing the mortals to appease them. They wanted to control them with their own hands, and so the god of murder and the god of war came together. Forcing the once peaceful races that lived among each other, and welcoming each other into their cities and homes, into war. Feeding from the murder and the carnage, Naaram the god of murder and his ally grew stronger with each battle.

For nearly three hundred years the battle of the races continued, the good gods helpless against the now powerful god of murder. It was when the goddess of life, Ladandia, found a way to punish the evil gods involved with the mortal's torture. Every neutral and good god, and even some of the more evil that were being scarred by the battles came together. With all their powers combined they forced the evil gods to Arywan, forcing them to walk and live among the mortals.

The gods now mortals with lesser powers walked the land trying to find their way back into the heavens. Naaram was no fool, and knew the capacity of the power that had been inflicted upon him and his prior associates. He knew there was no way back, but more importantly he knew there was only so much time a god could remain among the mortals. Though his allies believed that they would be allowed back before the end of the two decades, Naaram knew they would never allow him back. More importantly if they did allow them back he would have to give up some of his strength and power.

He began to impregnate his priestesses, allow them to sacrifice their own lives in order to birth his children. Placing his life force, his essence, into each unborn babe, slowing killing himself with each child. As the years grew to a close, Naaram still had much of his essence left, and began giving more to each child, strengthening them.

The day before the anniversary of his twentieth year on the mortal plane, he was left with one sixth of all his essence. Turning to the only person he could trust to kill the babe at it's birth, Naaram impregnated his highest priestess. She promised to kill herself before giving birth to the child, in the last months of the pregnancy. Naaram died as the last of his essence went into his child.
However, she did not do as she promised. Falling ill due to her pregnancy, a group of traitor priestesses forced her into the depths of the mountains. Bringing together the children of Naaram, they planned on making themselves demi-gods. Others planned on making on of the children their god, and becoming themselves to be the favored ones.

The priestess gave birth to the last child dying as the child was ripped from her loins, she never even know what gender her baby was. Bringing the last child to the alters, they began sacrificing them, however their location was not a secret to those with clairvoyant powers. An army of wizards entered the mountain and rescued the children from their deaths, some priestesses escaped with the children. The wizards took what children remained, and gave them to family to take care of. The power of some of the children was to great to give to unknowing mortals to care for. These children were taken or given to those of great virtue and strength in hopes that they would never succumb to their evil blood.

In the mountains prophecies written by Naaram himself were found, and within the first few years they began. Others of the clairvoyant order found themselves writing more of their prophecies, and the horror they were about to bestow on the world.


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